Super-Size AkroBins


  • Helps control inventories, shorten assembly times and minimize parts handling
  • Heavy-duty bins securely stack atop each other — or sit on shelving
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Super-Size BinsSuper-Size AkroBins are molded of high-density polypropylene these durable bins are unaffected by weak acids and alkalis.

Sturdy, one-piece construction is water, rust and corrosion-proof. Guaranteed not to crack or break under normal load conditions. Autoclavable up to 250° F.

Unaffected by weak acids and alkalis the sturdy one piece construction is water, rust and corrosion-proof.

Available in Red, Yellow or Blue.

Optional dividers are available (sold separately).
See list below.





Super-Size AkroBin Length and Width Dividers
Also Available To Order, Call 855-905-0875

Dividers can be used to divide bins width wise or lengthwise. Just slip dividers into grooves on the inside of the bins (sold separately). Also fits Mobile Bins (MOB).
Super-Size Bin Dividers

Super-Size AkroBin Length Dividers
SKUFits These AkroBinsPkg. Qty.Price per Pkg.
H40282H30282 and H302831$12.02
H40286H30284 and H302864$26.87
H40287H30287 and H302886$65.91
H40292H30292 and H302936$80.06
Super-Size AkroBin Width Dividers
SKUFits These AkroBinsPkg. Qty.Price per Pkg.
H41287H30287 and H32926$43.00
H41288H30288 and H32936$62.65




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Some Super-Size AkroBins parts may have sharp edges, therefore CARE must be taken when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units.


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Additional information

Super-Size AkroBin Dimensions

20"L X 12.375"W x 6"H, 20"L X 12.375"W x 8"H, 20"L X 12.375"W x 12"H, 20"L X 18.375"W x 12"H, 23.875"L X 8.25"W x 7"H, 23.875"L X 11"W x 7"H, 23.875"L X 11"W x 10"H, 23.875"L X 16.5"W x 11"H, 23.875"L X 18.25"W x 12"H, 29.25"L X 18.375"W x 12"H, 29.75"L X 11"W x 10"H, 29.75"L X 16.5"W x 11"H

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