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  • Compatible with masking tape, packing tape, insulated tape, gaff tape, and duct tapes
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Tape Tearer DispenserTape Tearer Dispenser is the only tape dispenser that can dispense any 2 inch tape, from masking and packing tape, to super tough duct tapes and backed tapes.

The key is the adjustable spool that keeps the tape close against the cutter throughout the use of the whole roll, and gives the ability to dispense much larger rolls.

The blade guard protects your hands and also helps place the tape onto the box or envelope.

The dispenser’s design is for quick and hassle-free application of tapes on various packaging, masking, and varied surfaces. The universal tape dispenser provides simple, easy and convenient application.


Choose from one-roll or six-roll dispensers


Tape Tearer Dispenser





  • Choose from one-roll or six-roll dispensers
  • Uniquely designed latex-tensioned spool and support tab meaning the next piece of tape is always within reach
  • Designed specifically for your tape to snap off cleanly and evenly every time
  • Simple and affordable
  • Compatible with masking tape, packing tape, insulated tape, gaff tape, and duct tapes
  • It can handle various tape widths up to 2 inches wide
  • Holds ANY 2 in. wide, 3 in. Core Tape
  • It can hang on your belt or fit in your tool kit
  • Dispenser comes with 1 roll or 6 rolls of tape


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Some Tape Tearer Dispenser parts may have sharp edges, therefore CARE must be taken when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units.


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Tape Tearer Dispenser Models

1-Roll Dispenser, 6-Roll Dispenser

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