The Aluminum Movemaster Pallet Dolly


  • One person can move pallet loads up to 8,000 lbs.
  • Super-tough aluminum construction ensures extra strong support of heavy loads
  • Frees up expensive equipment for other work
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The Aluminum Movemaster Pallet Dolly


The Aluminum Movemaster Pallet Dolly, when large or small items need to be transferred to new areas, let a pallet dolly help.

An aluminum pallet dolly is lightweight and has a compact low profile for both handling and storing when not in use.

The Aluminum Movemaster Pallet DollyThe large capacity allows the user to transfer a wide variety of load sizes.

Casters provide a smooth ride when the dolly is loaded and unloaded.

The solid top allows for stability and strength during use.

Tilting function gives the user the ability to maneuver load to precise positions.


The Aluminum Movemaster Pallet Dolly
The Aluminum Movemaster Pallet DollyFeatures…

  • ST – Solid top design / PT – Open pallet top design
  • Heavy-duty rollers make portability easy
  • All welded aluminum construction is durable yet lightweight
  • Transfer big or small loads
  • T -Tilt style / NT – Non-tilt style
  • Suffix -FL includes built in Floor Lock


Optional Push Handle

Push Handle

Optional Push Handle
HDOL-HDLMovemaster Pallet Dolly Push Handle$52.91




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Additional information

Movemaster Pallet Dolly Size

36" L x 36"W, 36" L x 42"W, 36" L x 48"W, 40" L x 48"W, 42" L x 42"W, 48" L x 48"W

Number of Rollers and Weight Capacity

6 Rollers with weight capacity of 4,000 lbs., 8 Rollers with weight capacity of 6,000 lbs., 10 Rollers with weight capacity of 8,000 lbs.

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