Tilt-To-Load Drum Tumbler


  • Load drum at floor level
  • Power-tilt up to rotate position
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Tilt-To-Load Drum Tumbler rotate your closed drums with vigorous corner-over-corner action to thoroughly mix the contents.

Load drum at floor level. Secure drum in holder, then use one handle to lift drums and a second handle to control the drum rotation.

Tilt-To-Load Drum TumblerDrum Tumblers and Control Packages sold separately.

Control Packages include a timer, start/stop buttons, red emergency stop button, lockable main disconnect, and wire terminals for external safety interlock switch.

Steel surcharge may apply

Rotate steel, plastic or fiber drum 29″ to 37″H., 18″ to 23.5″ dia. Drum rotation is variable from 5 to 20 RPM. AC Motor is 2 HP 60 Hz. Capacity 800 lbs. for a full drum, 400 lbs. for a half-full drum. Half-full capacity is for tilting an unbalanced, bottom-heavy drum. A drum with an unbalanced or shifting load is harder to tilt than a full drum.



  • Rotate a plastic, steel or fiber 30 to 55 gallon (114 to 210 liter) drum
  • Blend inside a closed drum to ensure homogeneous, uniform batches
  • Remix valuable settled or stratified ingredients
  • Smooth rough parts by tumbling with media
  • Remix settled ingredients
  • Eliminate transfer, clean-up and special vessels
  • No container to purge between batches
  • Nothing to insert into drum mix
  • Load upright drum at floor level with drum truck, model 81 Drum Spotter, or a below-hook drum lifter and your hoist
  • Rotate drum from 5 to 20 RPM (4 to 16 RPM for 50Hz models)
  • IMPORTANT: OSHA requires enclosure with interlock
  • Control Package and Guard Enclosure each sold separately

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Guard Enclosure Kit:
Add the Guard Enclosure Kit to meet the OSHA requirement that all drum rotators are enclosed with a safety interlock, so the rotator automatically shuts off if the enclosure is opened. Weight – 400Lbs.Guard Enclosure Kit

Guard Enclosure Kits
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Some Tilt-To-Load Drum Tumbler parts may have sharp edges, so take CARE when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units, because safety always comes first!


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Additional information

Drum Tumbler and Control Package

Drum Tumbler, Control Package

Drum Tumbler Motor/Phase/Volts

TEFC Motor Phase 1 with 115 volts, TEFC Motor Phase 3 with 230 volts, Explosion Proof Motor Phase 1 with 115 volts, Explosion Proof Motor Phase 3 with 230 volts, Air Motor with Control Package Included

Corresponding Control Package for Drum Tumbler

Control Package for Drum Tumbler H310-1, Control Package for Drum Tumbler H310-3, Control Package for Drum Tumbler H310-E1, Control Package for Drum Tumbler H310-E3

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