Vinyl Stripdoors, Replacement Strips & Rolls


  • Available in full roll lots or cut strips
  • Each cut strip has 3/8″ holes on 2″ centers for standard mounting
  • Specify the lengths and quantity cuts you desire
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Vinyl Stripdoors Strips & Rolls Cover


Vinyl Stripdoors, Replacement Strips & Rolls reduce noise, dust, fumes, drafts, conserve energy and increases worker productivity.

Standard Smooth Surface – Provides a clear unobstructed view in either direction.

Ribbed Surface – Both sides of the strip feature an offset rib to protect against abrasions. Ideal for heavy traffic areas where scratching is a problem.

All kits available with full overlaps – Call 855-905-0875 for quote.

Steel surcharge may apply.



Universal Strip Door Hardware – Three mounting options in one piece of hardware! Mount to overhead surface (inside-doorway), wall or suspend with threaded rod (not included). Order by linear foot to the same width as your opening. (Up to 8′ can ship UPS). Other mounts available, call for quote. All hardware is galvanized and comes with 3 snap caps per foot.

Vinyl Stripdoors, Strips and Rolls

Universal Strip Door Hardware
SKUSize Per FootLbs.Price
H14-0017022 ft.3 lbs.$30.41
H14-0017033 ft.4 lbs.$45.63
H14-0017088 ft.15 lbs.$116.74
H14-00171010 ft.18 lbs.$145.93


See prices for replacement rolls and strips below…


Replacement Rolls and Strips

Vinyl Stripdoors, Strips and Rolls

  • Available in full roll lots or cut strips
  • Each cut strip has 3/8″ holes on 2″ centers for standard mounting
  • Specify the length and quantity cuts you desire

Call 855-905-0875 to order.

USDA Smooth-Clear PVC – Used for freezer strips to meet temperatures of -30°F to 150°F. Meets federal requirements for incidental contact with dairy, poultry and meat products. Indoor applications recommended only.

Anti-Static-Clear PVC – Used for clean room enclosures or high-tech areas where static build-up may be a detriment. Conforms to Federal Test methods ST.10C,4046 (Any liabilities regarding product applications are the sole responsibility of the end user).

Smooth Welding – Transparent Bronze and Aztec Orange colored PVC have UV-blocking to protect against UV light emitted during arc welding. Eye protection must still be worn during direct viewing.

Replacement Rolls    Cut Strips 
Roll SKUWidthThicknessRoll LengthRoll WeightRoll Price Per
Linear Ft.
Strip SKUStrip Price Per
Linear Ft.
Standard Smooth – Clear PVC
H17-0800088″0.080″300 ft.100 lbs.$1.71 per lin. ft.H17-080008-C$2.51 per lin. ft.
H17-12001212″0.120″200 ft.150 lbs.$3.83 per lin. ft.H17-120012-C$5.47 per lin. ft.
H17-16001616″0.160″100 ft.125 lbs.$6.81 per lin. ft.H17-160016-C$10.22 per lin. ft.
Ribbed – Clear PVC
H17-0803088″0.072″150 ft.60 lbs.$1.92 per lin. ft.H17-080308-C$2.95 per lin. ft.
H17-12031212″0.110″150 ft.120 lbs.$4.11 per lin. ft.H17-120312-C$6.20 per lin. ft.
H17-16031616″0.145″100 ft.115 lbs.$7.14 per lin. ft.H17-160316-C$10.71per lin. ft.
USDA Smooth – Clear PVC
H17-0809088″0.080″300 ft.100 lbs.$1.85 per lin. ft.H17-080908-C$2.86 per lin. ft.
H17-12091212″0.120″200 ft.150 lbs.$2.71 per lin. ft.H17-120912-C$6.29 per lin. ft.
USDA Ribbed – Clear PVC
H17-0809088″0.080″150 ft.60 lbs.$2.08 per lin. ft.H17-080908-C$3.20 per lin. ft.
H17-12391212″0.120″150 ft.125 lbs.$4.60 per lin. ft.H17-123912-C$6.93 per lin. ft.
Anti-Static – Clear PVC
H17-0806088″0.080″300 ft.100 lbs.$2.88 per lin. ft.H17-080608-C$2.79 per lin. ft.
H17-12061212″0.120″150 ft.150 lbs.$5.77 per lin. ft.H17-120612-C$6.53 per lin. ft.
Aztec Orange Welding Smooth (Special Order)
H17-0810088″0.080″300 ft.100 lbs.$1.75 per lin. ft.H17-081008-C$2.71 per lin. ft.
H17-12101212″0.120″150 ft.115 lbs.$6.32 per lin. ft.H17-120612-C$9.49 per lin. ft.
Bronze Smooth Welding
H17-0805088″0.080″300 ft.100 lbs.$1.92 per lin. ft.H17-080508-C$2.99 per lin. ft.
H17-12051212″0.120″200 ft.150 lbs.$4.35 per lin. ft.H17-120512-C$6.57 per lin. ft.

Call 855-905-0875 To Order Replacement Rolls and Strips


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Some Vinyl Stripdoors, Replacement Strips & Rolls parts may have sharp edges, therefore CARE must be taken when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units.


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Additional information

Smooth or Ribbed Surface

Smooth Surface, Ribbed Surface

8"W Strip Kits, 12"W Strip Kits or 16"W Strip Kits

8"W Strip Kits, 12"W Strip Kits, 16"W Strip Kits

Size (feet)

3'W x 7'H, 3'W x 8'H, 4'W x 7'H, 4'W x 8'H, 5'W x 7'H, 5'W x 8'H, 6'W x 7'H, 6'W x 8'H, 8'W x 8'H, 8'W x 9'H, 8'W x 10'H, 10'W x 10'H, 10'W x 12'H, 12'W x 10'H, 12'W x 12'H, 12'W x 14'H, 14'W x 12'H, 14'W x 14'H, 15'W x 12'H, 15'W x 14'H

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