Wire Partitioning Systems


Customize Your Wire Partitioning  System To Meet Your Specific Needs

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  • Protecting people, property, and processes.
  • Storage and security enclosures, rack backing & machine guarding.
  • Quick and easy assembly.
  • All steel welded mesh and steel frames.
  • A fast and economical way to create security areas


Wire Partitioning

Wire Partitioning Systems are used for storage and security cages, tool cribs, machine guarding, rack back fall protection, and walls.

Our modular partition system designs are carefully developed to meet your needs.

The versatile doors are lockable allowing the correct amount of access. Choose from swing doors or sliding doors with a range of locking options.

All we need is a description or sketch of the layout for us to complete the design and quote.

Hardware is included for easy assembly – no special tools are required. Padlock hasp is standard, cylinder lock and electric strike are optional.

Light gray powder coating is standard.

Steel surcharge may apply. Crating surcharge may apply.



Build to suit your requirements with our system solutions.


Wire Mesh Panels
Order panels to meet your specific partitioning system size requirements.

Wire Partitioning

Wire Mesh Panels
SKU Panel Size Lbs. Price
H35020031 8″W x 31.5″H 4.4 lbs. $62.16
H35030031 12″W x 31″H 5.6 lbs. $62.16
H35070031 27.5″W x 31.5″H 8.9 lbs. $74.58
H35080031 31.5″W x 31.5″H 10 lbs. $79.91
H35100031 39.5″W x 31.5″H 11.1 lbs. $88.79
H35120031 47″W x 31.5″H 12.2 lbs. $97.67
H35150031 59″W x 31.5″H 13.3 lbs. $106.54
H35020001 8″W x 87″H 6.9 lbs. $79.91
H35030001 12″W x 87″H 8.2 lbs. $79.91
H35070001 27.5″W x 87″H 12.9 lbs. $97.67
H35080001 31.5″W x 87″H 14.4 lbs. $104.54
H35100001 39.5″W x 87″H 16.2 lbs. $115.42
H35100001 39.5″W x 87″H 16.2 lbs. $115.42
H35120001 47″W x 87″H 18.9 lbs. $124.30
H35150001 59″W x 87″H 21.1 lbs. $142.07


Wire Partitioning PostsPosts
Order one post for each wall, corner or door locations.

Optional Equipment
SKU Height Lbs. Price
H29601521 87″ 13.3 lbs. $106.54
H26510001 118″ 17.3 lbs. $133.18


Wire Partitioning Doors



Doors are universal left/right and in/out. Swing doors are supplied with factory-mounted hinges and slide doors are mounted outside of the enclosure with a track set that includes the guides and stops. Both style doors come with a standard padlock hasp. Cylinder lock and electric strike are optional.

Swing Doors
SKU Door Size Lbs. Price
H95050001 3’3″W x 7’3″H 35.5 lbs. $266.37
H95050002 4’0″W x 7’3″H 36.9 lbs. $301.88
Slide Doors
H95050005 3’0″W x 7’3″H 49.1 lbs. $586.00
H95050006 3’7″W x 7’3″H 50.3 lbs. $621.62
H95050007 6’2″W x 7’3″H 90.3 lbs. $799.10
H95050008 7’6″W x 7’3″H 92.8 lbs. $958.91


Order additional accessories for your partitioning system.

Corner Bracket Kit and Cylinder Lock Set
SKU Information Lbs. Price
H26700049 Corner Bracket Kit can be easily adjusted up to 180° 0.2 lbs. $10.66
H99990000 Cylinder Lock Set includes strike plate and handle assembly. 0.7 lbs. $387.13


Pallet Rack Backing Fall Protection

Wire Partitioning

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Wire Partitioning


  • DEA Cages
  • Driver’s Entrance/Access Cages
  • Tool Crib
  • Maintenance Cages
  • Data Center and Colocation Server Cages
  • Robotics Enclosures
  • Pharmaceutical Enclosures
  • Military Equipment Cages
  • Walk-in Cooler and Liquor Enclosures for the food and beverage applications.
  • Hospital Records Storage Enclosures
  • Athletic Equipment Cages
  • Mezzanine Guarding
  • Machine Guarding


Benefits…Wire Partitioning

  • Help prevent pilferage or unauthorized personnel out.
  • Provides tamper proof security.
  • Protects both personnel and materials & machinery.
  • Creates separate, secure work and storage areas.
  • Allows for unrestricted visibility of interior and contents.
  • Customizable and relocatable if needed.


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Some Wire Partitioning Systems parts may have sharp edges, so CARE must be taken when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units, because safety always comes first!


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