Woven Wire Mesh Security Cages


  • Driver and Maintenance Cages
  • Tool Cribs and Anti-Pilferage Supply Storage
  • School and Gym Equipment Storage
  • Bike and Tenant Storage
  • Elevator and Stairway Partitions
  • Walk-In Cooler and Liquor Enclosures for Food & Beverage Industry.
  • Data Center, Colocation Server Cages


Wire Security Cages


Woven Wire Mesh Security Cages are known as the industry standard for providing a cost effective solution for area guarding, separation and storage, allowing for full visibility of the contents, as well as providing unrestricted circulation of air, heat and light.

The triple crimp construction of woven wire, clinched in a C-channel frame provide strong and durable storage and protection for both your goods and personnel in a wide variety of applications.

Wire Storage & Security Video

Steel surcharge may apply.

Warehouse Applications

Use these cages in many warehouse applications, such as mezzanine enclosures, securing parts inventory, and providing limited access to unauthorized personnel with the use of driver access cages.

Military Applications

Additionally, the cages are used to protect military aircraft and personnel by providing limited access to unauthorized areas.

Additional Applications

The wire mesh partitions are used in manufacturing for robotic and machine guarding applications, but flexible enough to provide residential tenant storage. Wire mesh cages also guard against potential employee theft of high-dollar inventory.

Two, Three and Four-Wall Cages

Wire Security Cages

8 Ft. Wall Cages have hinged doors. 

Wire Security Cages

10 Ft. Wall Cages have sliding doors.

Many Applications

Wire Security Cages

  • DEA Cages
  • Driver’s Entrance/Access Cages
  • Tool Crib
  • Maintenance Cages
  • Data Center and Colocation Server Cages
  • Robotics Enclosures
  • Pharmaceutical Enclosures
  • Military Equipment Cages
  • Walk-in Cooler and Liquor Enclosures for the food and beverage applications
  • Hospital Records Storage Enclosures
  • Athletic Equipment Cages
  • Mezzanine Guarding
  • Machine Guarding


  • Help prevent pilferage or unauthorized personnel out
  • Provides tamper proof security
  • Protects both personnel and materials & machinery
  • Creates separate, secure work and storage areas
  • Allows for unrestricted visibility of interior and contents
  • Customizable and relocatable if needed

Available in our 48 Hour QUICK SHIP program in SpaceGuard Gray powder coat, try these pre-configured options to help plan your storage requirements.



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Some Woven Wire Mesh Security Cages parts may have sharp edges, therefore CARE must be taken when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units.


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Additional information

Cage Height

8 Ft. High with 3' x 7' Hinge Door and Lock, 10 Ft. High with 4' x 7' Slide Door and Lock

Two, Three or Four-Sided Cage

Two-Sided Cage, Three-Sided Cage, Four-Sided Cage

Size (feet)

8'L x 8'W, 10'L x 10'W, 10'L x 15'W, 12'L x 8'W, 12'L x 12'W, 15'L x 15'W, 15'L x 20'W, 20'L x 10'W, 20'L x 20'W, 25'L x 25'W, 30'L x 20'W, 30'L x 30'W

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