Marketing for Small Business

Marketing is one of the most intricate and ever changing parts of running a business, no matter the size. The difference is, marketing for a small business it costs money that you don’t always see retuned. In sales, you can track from start to finish how much money a single campaign brought in. You can […]

Who is Custom Equipment?

A Man had an Idea Robert “Bobby” Riggs (Founder of Custom Equipment) started his career in the metal fabrication industry selling to various companies both locally and across the country. Though he is a man of many ‘hats’, even known by some as “The Legend Himself”, his crown jewel has always been his ability to […]

A B.R.A.V.E New World

In “Work Smarter, Not Harder” we discussed the steps to setting qualified goals for ourselves. Setting goals is essential to any progress whether as a company or an individual. This blog is going to deal with you, as an individual, because, let’s face it, change starts on the home front. A new world begins with […]

Work SMART er, Not Harder

Many of us grew up hearing the phrase Work smarter, not harder, which is a concept of thinking about things before you actually take action. In construction they say, measure twice, cut once. In arguments they say, think before you speak. Throughout business and throughout life, the wiser among us have been trying to impart this wisdom. […]

Moving Forward to a Brighter Tomorrow

When I think about a life motto or mantra, I always come back to the idea that we should view life through the lens of ‘getting better every day!’ That’s why the end of every blog incorporates the idea of ‘looking forward to a brighter tomorrow!’ Today is only twenty-four hours and this week was […]

Hearts of Gold

A Word for the Season of Giving Too often, we are fed all of the bad news and very little of the good. But it’s the good news that makes us smile. The good news is what makes life worth living. Renewed faith in humanity and restored purity in a society that feels overwhelmingly dark. […]

The Ghost of a “Me-My” Future

The Ghost of a ‘Me -My’ Future In the Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, we recount the story of a wealthy banker, Ebenezer Scrooge, who is visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future. I always loved this story and the many retellings of the story as time passed because the theme and […]

The Ghost of Mayhem Present

The Ghost of Mayhem Present Navigating the Chaos of the World Today “Smile past the mayhem because it can not hold you forever.” The year 2020 will be remembered as a whirlwind that wreaked havoc on the world! A global pandemic, like the modern world has never seen, was and is still a major part […]

The Ghost of Salesmen Past

    The Ghost of Salesmen Past A look at Selling and how to Improve our Methods   In a world filled with digital and social media, many of the ‘old ways’ of selling have fallen to the wayside. The percentage of sales made from door-to-door visits has become almost nil. Cold calling is a […]

Rotational Molded Pallet

Rotational Molded Pallet Production Process Rotational molding, rotomolding, or rotocasting is a production process to form hollow parts of limitless size. This is a cost-effective method to produce large plastic parts. Resins are added into a mold that’s heated and rotated slowly, both vertically and horizontally. The simultaneous heating and rotation distributes and fuses the […]