Dunnage Installation & Kitting

CEC Kitting Stage

Custom Equipment’s 10,000 square foot warehouse gives us plenty of room to provide dunnage installation and kitting assembly services. In order to maintain a high customer service satisfaction, we work to make this process as easy and inexpensive as possible. With that in mind, those services include the following:

  • Procurement of materials (corrugated, paperboard, thermoform, shrink, liners, etc.)
  • Custom assembly and kitting
  • Warehouse and distribution
  • ID Tags/ Labeling
  • Custom Placards
  • Bar Coding


Site Definitions

Dunnage: Inexpensive or waste material used to load and secure cargo during transportation; more loosely, it refers to miscellaneous baggage, brought along during travel.

Kitting: To preassemble individual items into ready-to-ship kits instead of  picking and packing those individual items as orders are received.


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