Spring for the Office

Spring comes to your office THIS WEEK! Can you believe it? What an exciting time. Not only are we finally seeing some light at the end of the dark tunnel of this global pandemic. We are also seeing the rise of newness and rejuvenation and life. In nature, Spring is when the flowers bloom and the trees become plentiful again. In life, Spring represents cleaning out the old and getting outdoors again! In some of the major religions, Spring represents a spiritual renewal and call to newness of spirit.

And in our workplaces, Spring should represent much of the same. Here are some helpful tips you can do to take your office from dreary old winter to Spring Time!

Spring Cleaning

My favorite thing about Spring is… Spring Cleaning. I hate clutter and the winter just feels like the season where everyone wants to clutter up the office. Old, unused books and equipment get thrown in corners or left to take up shelves. On your desks, trash fills your pen cups. Your chair still has cracker crumbs in the crevice. Filing needs to be done and books need to be closed. It’s time for a fresh start, so clean up. No sense in taking the trash into the next quarter with you. And definitely not into the next fiscal year.

Maybe this is a time to digitize everything. Make digital copies and get rid of the catalogs and paper copies you no longer need. Clean out those filing cabinets and toss out the useless paperwork.

And for the sake of all that is good, CLEAN UP THE DRIVE! If you have files that haven’t been opened in five years, chances are they either need updated or deleted. Pick one. Consolidate files because there is such thing as too much clutter in organization. Get rid of useless materials and links and update your Manuals and Training Modules.

When your offices and filing cabinets and Drive are all cleaned up, you will work more efficiently as an individual and as a team!

Festive Office Attire

I know not everyone gets to dress fun for work. Some people have actual uniforms to wear, but for those of you who don’t… change it up! Toss those hoodies and big, baggy coats back in the closet until next year. Pull out your florals and pastels and bright vibrant shirts (or at least ties). And you can do it without looking unprofessional. Here are some ways.

Ties come in all Shapes and Designs

For men, the tie is the easiest way to liven up your outfit without going overboard. Go get some bright ties with fun patterns and designs. If you see customers during the day, they will LOVE it (I promise). And if you only see your coworkers every day, they will love it too! You could also change up your look by switching to a bowtie. This is my FAVORITE spring look because it is simple, cute and never too gaudy. I always get compliments when I’m in a bow tie. And these changes are good for you and for those around you. Try it out as we step into a brighter tomorrow, with brighter ties!

Jewelry is every Lady’s Favorite Accessory

That title may or may not be true, but it is every woman’s secret weapon for changing her look. I remember seeing my mom throughout the year and she ALWAYS saved her favorite jewelry for the Springtime. Flowered earrings to match a nice sundress. Rainbows with any solid colored outfit. And of course, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Change up your bracelets and your watch bands and your phone case if you want. Make all the changes at once and come into work looking and (more important) feeling like a brand new woman! Bring Spring to the Office everyday!

A New Haircut or Hair Style

This is always a scary one for people. We have done it the same way for so long… what if I hate it? I can’t go back to it. It’s ok. Just own it. You are beautiful no matter how your hair looks. So own that beauty, inside and out. Try to go a little shorter or lighten it a little. Maybe darken it up a smidge. I always love a fresh haircut to shorten my length for the warmer days and of course a beard trim and straight razor cut to bring it all together. Fresh and New makes everyone feel better!


Strive to brighten up your life so that we can brighten up the lives around us. Choose to be light and a ray of sunshine, every day! As we choose to BECOME a Brighter Tomorrow!

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