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  • Always know where items’ shelving is located
  • Quickly select an item for internal use or to fulfill a sale
  • Shelving can have open or closed sides and backing
  • Stack items on shelves with an organized planogram
  • Ensures efficient and economical fulfillment




Storage Shelving will maximize material handling efficiency.  All storage systems should have a thorough planogram for efficient organization and standardization. In order to create a single, integrated operational system, all material handling shelving
must be coordinated and organized with purpose and focus.

To increase efficiency, material handling shelving should be as straightforward as possible.
Shortening routes by grouping similar products together for transport along with
other methods help to reduce the time spent retrieving products.

Make efficient and effective use of all the accessible shelving space.
Make good use of vertical spaces for optimal storage capabilities.


Shelving Is Planning – Have A Plan


Storage Shelving






14-gauge Super Duty Shelving gives superior performance for extra-tough storage use.  Thick 14-gauge shelves hold those big loads easily and safely. All units come standard with four shelves. Shelf Capacity is 1500-1750 lbs.  These units are best for heavy dies, hardware, kegs, castings, or other bulk items you need to store. 


Storage Shelving

Storage Shelving











All-Welded Heavy-Duty Steel Closed Shelving is reinforced 12 gauge steel shelves having 2,000 lbs. capacity per shelf and are enclosed on three sides to help protect and store your items. Solid steel sided shelving provides a clean and uniform look.  2″ x 2″ x 3/16″ corner angles have footpads with anchor hole.  72″ overall height with 3-1/2″ bottom shelf clearance. 3 center shelves with 15″ clearance between shelves.  Built to last.








200A Boltless Bulk Storage heavy duty low profile shelving is constructed using industrial strength steel and features easy to assemble boltless design.  Double rivet beams at top and bottom of unit form a rigid structure without the use of troublesome crossbars.  Units are accessible from all four sides. 




Many Different Shelving Styles and Sizes To Choose


Storage Shelving







Sloping shelf units allow bins and boxes to slide forward for easy picking.  Open access from all sides. Place back to back to double shelf depth. Features 2″ side flange to retain product. 1/2″ front lip acts as a product stop.  Heavy gauge shelf supports.  Shelves support up to 450 lb. loads.  Boltless construction – easy assembly with only a mallet.  Five sloping steel shelves per unit. 

Storage Shelving


















Modular Drawer metal shelving with drawers is ideal for storing your small items and parts as well as large items.  Reduce your storage footprint by as much as 50% with industrial shelving with drawers and make your storage capabilities easy and convenient.  Storage with drawers and shelves offers versatile solutions.  A great use is a warehouse, workshop or auto dealership repair shop.  Store small to medium tools in the drawers and bulkier gear and supplies on the shelves.

Storage Shelving










Industrial Shelf Truck exclusive ribbed-formed base shelf increases carrying capacity. Heavy 13 ga. posts allow 1″ shelf adjustment. Convenient push handle for fingertip control. Easy rolling on 5″ solid rubber casters (2 swivel, 2 rigid). Available in open, closed ends or closed types. 1,000 pound capacity! 325 pound capacity per shelf on 48″ wide models and 425 pound capacity per shelf on 36″ models.



Plastic and Wire Shelving, Plus More


Storage Bins and Bin Shelving






Pick Rack Systems Sloped Shelving Units are sturdy steel racks with Super Tuff Euro Drawers to create an efficient flow rack. Sloped shelving provides easy access to stored items. Drawers can be removed from racks easily. Mobile unit has a 500 lb. capacity and is equipped with 2 swivel, 2 rigid casters.

Storage Shelving






Plastic Bulk Shelving is made of heavy duty high impact plastic for long-wearing use.  Impervious to oils, gas, acids, solvents and most chemicals.  Open grid shelving is ideal for wet, corrosive and harsh environments.  Reduces dirt and dust accumulation and increases air flow and light penetration.  Add or subtract shelves to satisfy spacing needs.

Storage Shelving




Wire Plastic Mat Shelving Units have smooth, vented, open grid surfaces allowing for air circulation and minimal dust buildup.  Anti-microbial plastic mat overlay over a heavy-duty wire perimeter shelf.  Easily remove plastic mats for cleaning.  These mats are dishwasher safe.  Plastic material will never dent, chip, rust or corrode.

Storage Shelving







Heavy-duty chrome wire shelving storage modular design system offers a combination of shelf and post sizes to meet any applications.  Split sleeve connectors with grooved numbered post allows for easy and quick assembly.  Shelf construction of all welded wire mats and supported with architectural wire trusses providing 800 lb. capacity per shelf. 

Storage Shelving








4-Shelf Wire Stationary Shelving Starter and Add-On Units easily configure shelving units to fit your unique space.  Shelves are adjustable in 1″ increments.  All units ship unassembled for compact storage and freight savings.

Storage Shelving






4-Shelf Wire Mobile Carts easily configure to fit your unique work space.  Shelves are adjustable in 1″ increments.  All units ship unassembled for compact storage and freight savings. Whether you’re looking to add shelving to a warehouse, office, pantry or garage, the versatile easy-build 4 Shelf Cart can move easily and efficiently. 


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