Stretch Wrap Machines For Optimal Material Handling

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Stretch Wrap Machines
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Stretch Wrap Machines For Optimal Material Handling protect and preserve your stock during shipment, so goods arrive at their destination without damage. They help to prevent errors in shipping that can be expensive and ultimately harm business relationships.

Stretch wrap machines improve the likelihood that your shipments will arrive safely and can help you run your business more efficiently on a daily basis. Discover the advantages of stretch wrappers and how they can help your business.

Stretch Wrap Machines
Stretch Wrap Film


In order to guarantee that the goods on a palletized shipment arrive at their destination safely, stretch wrapping is essential. Your goods are kept tightly packed together by the stretch wrap’s protection and tension.

However, you can’t just wrap a pallet randomly and hope for the best. Proper load wrapping is essential to prevent load shifting during transportation. Movement and shifting may result in harm to the products, workers and material handling machinery.


Stretch Wrappers Provide Safety and Security

Stretch Wrap Machines
Semi-Automatic and Automatic Stretch Wrap Machines


Stretch wrappers can help your warehouse stay safe for both employees and commodities while providing consistency in your wrapping and deliveries. They can further…

  • Reduce the amount of money you spend on supplies and labor
  • Shorten the time it takes to wrap shipments
  • Improve the effectiveness of your shipping procedure

Palletized load containment is a continuous task that can be handled by stretch wrappers. Better warehouse efficiency, shipment protection and safety are always the end goals.

Benefits of Using a Stretch Wrapping Machine to Wrap Your Goods

Stretch Wrap Machines
Rotating Arm Stretch Wrapper

When wrapping packages, boxes, containers or other items you need to transport or store, a stretch wrapping machine comes in handy. Some advantages of stretch wrapping your items or products include:

  • Protection of Items from Dust, Moisture and Damage

Using the proper stretch wrapping equipment can guarantee that your products wrap tightly to prevent potential damage from moisture, dust, or dirt.

  • Enhanced Security and Safety

Maintaining your operator’s safety on the forklift is a precaution in and of itself when you use a stretch wrapping system. A recent survey found that pedestrians represent 20% of forklift accidents that occur on the warehouse floor. As a result, by keeping the operators on the forklift, they are kept off the ground and able to concentrate on the duties at hand.

Stretch Wrap Machines
Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine

Operator intervention is minimal when using automatic stretch wrappers. Pallet or items can wrap with just a pull of a cord from the forklift. A pallet that has been manually wrapped can quickly tumble, causing injury to both the operator and your goods. In addition, the machine guarantees consistent wrapping that is safe and secure for shipment.

  • Conserves Time

With a wrapping machine there is significant time savings. Pallets, crates, and other merchandise can be laborious and time-consuming to manually wrap. But using an automatic stretch wrapping machine to wrap your products and boxes for shipping or storage will save you a ton of time and effort that you can put toward other crucial business operations.

  • Reduce The Cost of Film
Stretch Wrap Machines
Mobile Robot Stretch Wrapper

Stretch wrapping devices, whether semiautomatic or automatic, can save your company money on expensive film when compared to manual wrapping. Stretching the film is done by the two film thread rollers in automatic stretch wrapping machines, whose second roller rotates at a faster pace than the first. As a result, the film’s tensile strength increases and total expenses decrease. Automatic stretch wrapping machines with rotary towers are more productive.

  • Package Goods Faster

Your organization may meet its bulk packaging requirements and streamline the packaging process by implementing an automatic stretch wrapping machine.

Custom Equipment Company offers stretch wrapping machines that meet your specific needs. This is preferable than purchasing a typical machine with standard features, specs, and attachments.

  • Efficient Material Packaging

You can be confident of consistency in the stretch and efficiency of the way your items are wrapped when you utilize a stretch wrapping system for all your bulk packaging needs. This is often difficult with manual stretch wrapping.

Stretch Wrap Machines
Mid Level Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machines

The stretch and effectiveness of packaging your products varies while wrapping them by hand. This results in improved box, pallet and product packaging in the workplace with an automated stretch wrapping machines.

  • Enhanced Output

The concept of completing more work in less time appeals to everyone, right? A stretch wrapping machine that operates automatically can help your company become more efficient. Your operators won’t have to wait for the wrapping cycles to begin and end. The wrapping automatically begins and ends with the movement of a rope or the positioning of a pallet on a conveyor.

  • Enhanced Inventory Management

Organizing items into stacks facilitates inventory management. Additionally, this lessens the possibility of product separation, which might prolong inventory counts.

If you are using a scanning system, you can, however, scan right through it if the stretch wraps are clear and constant.

The size or location of your warehouse will not affect the uniformity and safety that a stretch wrapping system will provide to your production line.

Stretch Wrap

Stretch Wrap Machines
Stretch Wrap

This is a very elastic plastic film for material handling that goes around product packaging and is composed of linear low-density polyethylene. Items remain secure thanks to the elastic recovery.

Pallets of goods are also wrapped in stretch film, which holds the products to the pallet and each other. This assists in the decrease of worker injuries, load tampering and product loss.

Stretch film comes in a range of varieties, thicknesses, and widths.

Stretch wrap is recyclable. Make sure the recycling center in your area accepts soft plastics.

Stretch Wrap Machines
Color Stretch Wrap

Any business that wraps more than fifteen loads a day should consider investing in stretch wrap equipment. Stretch wrappers aid in waste reduction, boost productivity, and encourage a load that is more stable and secure.

A standard gauge stretch film stretching up to 90% of the film’s maximum stretch rate is known as pre-stretch or pre-stretched film. After stretching to 90%, a typical 80 gauge stretch film changes to a 37 gauge stretch film. Little stretch is necessary while applying the stretched film because it rolls onto cores.


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