Backed with research, rigorous engineering, and an almost obsessive drive to innovate and improve, Strong Hold is a great resource. These videos will be a great resource to capture Strong Hold’s Product. Strong Hold’s Product.

Strong Hold Industrial Storage Cabinet Floor

The Floor Model or 36-244 is our most popular and versatile heavy duty industrial storage cabinet.

Strong Hold Storage Cabinet Double Shift

The Double Shift or 56-DS-248 is a very popular heavy duty industrial storage cabinet used in environments where it is desired two independently locking compartments. This heavy duty cabinet can be ordered in sizes from 36″ to 72″ wide and 60″ to 72″ tall, accommodating up to 8 different

Strong Hold Storage Stainless Steel Cabinet Double Shift

Strong Hold Industrial 4 Drawer Bin Cabinet

Strong Hold Flammable Safety Storage

Strong Hold Industrial Locker

Strong Hold Industrial Desk with Drawer

Strong Hold Shipping and Receiving Desk

Strong Hold Heavy Duty Table

Strong Hold Heavy Duty Industrial Shop Table

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