Warehouse Storage Containers, Bins and Totes Best Practices

Warehouse Storage Containers, Bins and Totes

Storage Containers, Bins and Totes

Containers, Bins and Totes

Containers, bins, and totes for warehouses and distribution centers provide long-lasting, heavy-duty storage further helping improve and enhance storage and the entire supply chain.  Warehouse storage bins and totes will help you maximize productivity while also reducing downtime and human error.  Whether your warehouse is full of small parts that need organization, micro chips that need protection, or clothing that needs to be efficiently stored, the right storage unit is vital for efficient and economical fulfillment.   Storage bins offer warehouses solutions that are long lasting, heavy duty, waterproof, easily to wash and chemical resistant.

Bulk Containers

Custom Equipment Company offers an extensive selection of bulk containers ideal for a broad range of material handling applications and support large weight capacities up to and beyond a ton.  These industry-leading reusable containers generally allow you to ship, store and handle your products with ease while increasing your operation’s productivity and profitability.

Bulk ContainerOur Heavy-Duty Collapsible Bulk Containers have load capacities up to 2,500 lbs.  They collapse flat in seconds.  They stack for storage and return shipment.  This optimizes space usage and saving money on returned freight.  Hand-hold areas on panels provide a comfortable grip for panel movement.  In addition to automotive and other packaging applications, these can also contain resins, preforms, food, granular products and other bulk solids.

Industrial container designs are available for the transport and storage of bulk liquid and granulate substances (i.e. Chemicals, food ingredients, solvents, pharmaceuticals, etc.).  Fixed Wall Bulk Containers stack with fork pockets.  They move using a forklift, pallet jack or other material handling equipment.

Bulk Container Features

Containers, Bins and Totes

  • Compatibility: Will the container need to stack with others that are already in your, or your customer’s plant?
  • Stackability: Will you be stacking one full container on top of another? Note the stacking height restrictions.
  • Return Ratio: Some containers fold down to a lower height than others, saving space and freight charges on return trips. Example – 3:1 ratio means 3 collapsed units equal the height of 1 erect container.
  • Collapsibility: Don’t need to collapse a container? Choose from numerous fixed height models.
  • Drop Doors: These are the small fold-down doors on some of the walls. They allow easy, ergonomic access to contents.Containers, Bins and Totes
  • Latch Style: Some containers offer snap-lock style latches to easily open and close drop doors and to easily collapse walls. Heavy-duty models offer post & pocket latches that are less prone to damage.
  • Lids: Optional lids protect contents from dust and damage. Stack containers with or without the lids.
  • Special Conditions: Always consider testing a container under actual conditions to determine suitability.

Bins to Pick and Stock More EfficientlyContainers, Bins and Totes

Warehouse bins are ideal for storing and organizing various parts and supplies.  Applications for these bins include storage of fasteners, hardware, parts, hoses, valves, clothing and a variety of other items.  Picking and stocking bins are ideal for any warehouse that requires quick and error-free inventory or supply picking or shelf stocking.  These bins are useful because you’ll always know where each supply or piece of inventory is, allowing you to quickly select that item for internal use or to fulfill a sale. Additionally, picking and stocking bins typically have open hopper fronts and can stack on top of or nest inside of one another when empty.

Plastic Totes For Storage and Shipping

Containers, Bins and Totes

Containers, Bins and TotesPlastic totes are the most commonly used storage, transport, transfer, and shipping containers in warehouses and distribution or fulfillment centers.  These heavy duty totes have optional lids and can be stacked (with or without the lids) or nestled (when empty) to save space.  Warehouse totes are strong, dependable, and waterproof, and they will not rust, corrode, or bend.  Because their textured bottoms provide a safe and easy non-slip grip, plastic containers and totes are frequently used on conveyors.  The high quality of these totes gives warehouses a longer service life, resulting in low replacement fees.


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Interflow Container

Bulk Containers

The Interflow Container is a rigid, collapsible, dispensable and re-useable lightweight container. It is used for the storage and transport of dry flowable products. This unit can be stacked up to 5 high with 3,000 lbs. per bin

The Interflow Container is comprised of a woven polypropylene outer fabric with 5/8″ – 5 ply plywood panels inserted in the walls. There are no exposed panels.
No assembly required, simply unfold the unit, the container is ready to fill.
The interflow pallet stacks and nests so the container offers product protection while giving very economical per trip costs.

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Chrome Wire Shelving With Ultra BinsChrome Wire Shelving Units with Ultra Bins

Chrome Wire Shelving With Ultra Bins combine stylish chrome shelving and parts to organize bins.  Sturdy shelving unit supports loads up to 800 lbs.  Choice of bins.  Easy to assemble.  Ultra Bins are available in Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Ivory or Black.

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Attached Lid ToteTote with Lid

Our Attached Lid Totes – Gray – 24″ x 20″ x 12″ are great for storage of parts and facility items. They have a solid wall inside for easy cleaning and the interlacing-lid allows for stacking and security. These can ward of weathering and other outside contaminants to a degree. Household uses also apply.

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