Warehouse Storage Weatherproofing For Summer Heat

Warehouse Storage Weatherproofing
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Warehouse Storage Weatherproofing For Summer Heat


Warehouse Storage Weatherproofing For Summer Heat is vital to storing goods. Companies must make every effort to prepare for the hot summer months after a long, harsh winter. This is because a warehouse may experience a variety of issues due to the intense heat. As a result, heat can endanger your staff, your supplies and your utility bill in addition to damaging or destroying goods you are storing. It is important to keep business functions and operations secure under the sweltering heat.

Temperature-sensitive items in storage may quickly suffer damage from the hot summer heat, making them potentially unusable and even dangerous.

You need to have suitable storage procedures in place to keep your goods from being hurt by extreme summer heat, including melting frozen foods, tainted meats and seafood and spoiled medicines and vaccines. This demand has never been greater as extreme weather phenomena like heatwaves have become more common and powerful.

Warehouse Storage Weatherproofing For Summer Heat
Vinyl Stripdoors


Products that are highly heat-sensitive

Perishable goods are any items that lose quality when exposed to external factors like heat and humidity. Below are some examples of perishable commodities that respond poorly to heat.

The most prominent examples of foods that are temperature-sensitive are dairy and frozen foods. They can lose part of their flavor and consistency even at relatively low melting temps.

However, there are many more with specific temperature requirements. While frozen meats and seafood should ideally be kept below -0.4° F, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products should normally be stored between 45° F and 57° F.


Food and Beverage Storage

Food and Drink

Many other foods and beverages are also susceptible to spoiling in the sweltering summer heat, including:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Juices
  • Soft Drinks


Medication Storage

Health and Medications

Vaccines are one example of a medical product that is extremely sensitive to variations from the ideal temperature range. While most can be secure between 36 and 46 °F, some require extremely low temperatures to stay stable and useful.

Logistics problems arise with other health items during the hot summer months. For instance, many health supplements come in gelatin capsules that will cling together in warm conditions.

Here are some further instances of medical and pharmaceutical items that are heat-sensitive:

  • Injectable medicine
  • Insulin
  • I.V. medicines
  • Pharmaceutical mixtures


Cosmetic Storage


Other types of heat-sensitive goods

  • Under hot shipping conditions, some cosmetics, such as cream-base shadows and lipsticks are susceptible to melting.
  • Extreme temperatures may cause plastic bottles containing shampoos, liquid soaps and conditioners to “pop” and expand, letting the product inside stream out.
  • Acetic acid and propionic acid, among other industrial chemicals, shouldn’t be exposed to high temperatures because doing so could cause leaks, explosions, and fires.


Why Heat Has an Impact on Warehouses


Warehouse Layout


Warehouse Layout

The layout of a warehouse is very simple and straightforward. They are not designed to withstand extremely hot  or cold temperatures. Most believe that the effects of weather are only on the outside, but items in warehouses can also be significantly impacted by extremely hot and humid conditions.

Be certain to position perishable items affected by heat and humidity in a location far from these environmental impacts.  Use the correct storage packaging to protect the product from high temperatures.



Weatherproof your warehouse

Warehouse Storage Weatherproofing For Summer Heat saves a lot of product from harm by climate and weather conditions within warehouses. It is crucial to safeguard your storage facility and warehouse from natural elements like heat and humidity. For instance, heat can melt plastic and humidity can make packages squishy and unstable.

Additionally, when moisture enters the stock itself, it can destroy the goods resulting in major losses. To safeguard your stock as best as possible, adapt your warehouse to the weather and climate for optimal stock protection.

There are certain weatherproofing measures you may take to protect your warehouse against bad weather damaging your vital facility.  The following are practical, affordable solutions to weatherproof your place of business.

Warehouse Window


Weatherproofing Windows

Since windows have the most ability to let air and water in, they are one of the most vulnerable parts of any construction. Ensure that your warehouse windows are properly sealed.

To seal off any holes and keep heat and humidity out, use foam weather stripping or caulk. This will not only stop higher heat from entering, but it will also help save on energy costs.


Warehouse Roof


Examine Your Roof

One of the most expensive and frustrating structure elements to fix after tornadoes, hurricanes or strong summer storms is roof damage. By examining the state of your roof, you can avoid damages that allow heat to creep in.

Fill up any gaps, add any missing shingles and strengthen any exposed weak points. You might wish to engage a reputable roofing firm to visit, take a closer look, and offer any repair advice.


Loading Dock Doors


Remember the Doors

Air Curtains
Air Curtains

During summer’s rainy weather, water can seep through doors causing door, frame and structural damage. Doors, be they walk-ins or loading dock doors, regardless or water or heat infiltration, is your first line of defense against nature’s invaders.

Search for any noticeable gaps, so you may carefully seal them and search for any weak or decaying door frames. In some circumstances, you might want to fully replace the door. This is far preferable to coping with heat related damage to your warehouse contents.


Considerations For Protecting Against The Heat

Warehouse InsulationThe following are some practical suggestions for keeping products safe during intense heat:

  • Install screen doors to improve air circulation in the warehouse while keeping out rodents, insects, birds or any other harmful critters.
  • Make sure your warehouse has proper insulation and keep it cool by installing fans. This will assist in retaining all of the cooler air within.
  • Pay attention to your cold storage. You should keep an eye on how frequently the doors to your cold storage are being open, since some warehouses need to maintain products cool and fresh.
  • Check your warehouse supplies to make sure you have the ones that are appropriate for your surroundings.
  • Keep adequate inventory records. For proper care, you must be aware of what you have and how much of it there is, individually or in bundles. Bundles of damaged merchandise caused by the heat is expensive to replace.
  • In locations where you wish to keep the chilly air inside, keep the doors and gates shut. To stop heat air from entering the room and cold air from departing, curtains and strip doors are very beneficial.
  • Take into account replacing your roof. The temperature of some roofing materials can get to 190 degrees Fahrenheit, which then permeates the warehouse.
  • Finally, ensure the wellbeing and happiness of your staff. Nobody enjoys working in the heat and happy employees are more productive.

Applying the correct safety measures can make warehouses comfortable and safe even in the sweltering heat.

Warehouse Protection

Protection Is Crucial

Warehouse Storage Weatherproofing For Summer Heat means being well-prepared is essential for limiting potential damage from heat related weather. You can be sure that your storage facility and its contents will be safe from the steamy heat and humidity by using these practical weatherproofing tips.

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