Drum Covers


  • Provides an inexpensive way to convert open top 30 & 55 gallon steel drums into fire-safe receptacles for combustible trash
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Drum Covers


Drum Covers come in manual and self-closing styles.

Self-closing units feature fusible link in lid that melts at 165°F snapping lid closed to protect contents from external fire or snuff out fire that might start inside.

Manual drum cover with gasket and vent for 55 gal. drums available. Attaches with screwdriver and wrench. Durable steel with tough powder coat paint finish

Drum CoversAutomatic pressure relief at 5 psi and vacuum relief allows 4 gpm flow-through 3/4″ faucet. Fits 2″ bung opening. 2″ IPT. FM approved.

These covers provide emergency pressure venting in the event of a fire to avoid drum failure and catastrophic consequences. All safety drum vents automatically relieve pressure between 3 and 8 psi (30 to 55kPa) and include a flame arrester to absorb and safely dissipate heat.

Drum Covers

Valve within the vent is tested to allow 61 cubic inch (1-L) of water through a 3/8-in (9.5-mm) pipe nipple in less than 6 seconds for vacuum relief during drum dispensing operations. Vacuum relief permits smooth liquid flow and prevents possible drum collapse and leakage. Vacuum relief is automatic on vertically-installed vents and manual on horizontally-installed vents.


FeaturesSMO Lead JUL18

  • Turn ordinary drums into fire-safe hazardous waste collection centers
  • Control vapors to comply with EPA/NESAM requirements
  • Gasketed, manual latching lid seals drum
  • Durable steel construction with powder-coat finish
  • Excellent chemical resistance

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Some Drum Covers parts may have sharp edges, therefore CARE must be taken when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units.


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