Ergonomic Base Work Stations


  • Change height with the push of a button
  • 1,000 lbs. capacity
  • Adjust height from 30-1/2″ to 46-1/2″

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Work StationsErgonomic Base Work Stations help increase productivity by creating a station to meet your needs. Workers of every size can perform tasks comfortably by turning the handle to adjust the work surface. Durable and rugged 330 lb capacity.

Work Stations



Work stations efficiently handle multiple shifts and tasks at one place. Tough 1.25″ thick work surface stands up to hard industrial work. “T” mold edges with rounded corner adds a handsome touch. Work station includes surface, frame and leveling glides. 20″ steel modesty panel provides lateral support. Available in Beige, Blue or Gray.



Ergonomic Base Work Stations Optional Accessories – Call 855-905-0875 To Order

For use with Ergonomic Work Base Stations and Electric Height Adjustable Workbenches.

Work Stations

Optional Accessories
Ltr. # SKU Description Fits Station Price
A HUR60 Accessory supports 48″ above surface 60″ and 72″ $88.00 pr
B HAQDC Air quick disconnect (mounts to ESMR) 60″ and 72″ $64.00
C HMDS6* 6″ drawer 6″H x 15″W x 19.250L 60″ and 72″ $204.00
D HMDS12* 12″ drawer 12″H x 15″W x 19.250L 60″ and 72″ $305.00
D HHK Drawer hanging kit (one per bench) 60″ and 72″ $32.00
E HSGK-12 ESD ground kit (ESD station only) 60″ and 72″ $52.00
F HSGS-4 ESD wrist strap (ESD station only) 60″ and 72″ $54.00
G HABH-1 Articulating bin arm 17″ x 18″ 60″ and 72″ $272.00
H HMA-1 Articulating monitor arm 14″ x 14″ w/keyboard tray 60″ and 72″ $297.00
I HTB-5 Tool balancer for tools up to 5 lbs. mounts to HLTF60, HLTF72 60″ and 72″ $115.00
J HOLF60 60″ overhead light and frame 60″ $316.00
HOLF72 72″ overhead light and frame 72″ $332.00
L HCSPL1260P 60″ x 12″ laminate shelf and supports 60″ $175.00
HCSPL1272P 72″ x 12″ laminate shelf and supports 72″ $195.00
Correspond Optional Accessories Letter To Each Respective Work Station – Ergonomic or Four Leg Economy
N HBH60 60″ bin holder (bins sold separately) 60″ $56.00
O HBH72 72″ bin holder (bins sold separately) 72″ $60.00
P HES48/ESMR60 60″ power supply (8 outlets 120V 15 amp) and mounting rail 60″ $167.00
HES48/ESMR72 72″ power supply (8 outlets 120V 15 amp) and mounting rail 72″ $169.00
R HLTF60 Tool suspension frame mounts to HOLF60. Includes 2 trolleys 60″ $152.00
HLTF72 Tool suspension frame mounts to HOLF72. Includes 2 trolleys 72″ $165.00
S HFR60 60″ foot rest (Model HD only) 60″ $54.00
HFR72 72″ foot rest (Model HD only) 72″ $60.00
HTLC-ELQS Total casters and mounting brackets for the Model EL 60″ and 72″ $282.00
HTLC-HLQS Total casters and mounting brackets for the Model HD 60″ and 72″ $287.00
HFSMA Full screen monitor arm 60″ and 72″ $264.00
HFSMAKBT KBT keyboard for flat screen monitor arm 60″ and 72″ $140.00
T HLOMB Magnifier light bracket 60″ and 72″ $65.00
U HMAG1 Magnifier 3 diopter with light 60″ and 72″ $311.00
















*When mounting drawer to bottom of bench top, purchase HHK Drawer Hanging Kit – $32.00 ea.

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Some Ergonomic Base Work Stations parts may have sharp edges, therefore CARE must be taken when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units.


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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Work Station Type

Ergonomic Work Station, Four Leg Economy Work Station

Top Work Surface Type

Standard Laminate, ESD Laminate

Work Bench Dimensions

60"L x 30"W, 72"L x 30"W

Adjustable Height

30"H x 42"H, 30" H x 36"H

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