Optional Mechanical Fuel Meter


  • For use with 12 Volt Heavy Duty Fuel Pump
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Optional Mechanical Fuel MeterOptional Mechanical Fuel Meter comes with a filter for liters with 1 in. BSPP Inlet/Outlet connections.

Its flow rate is 15 to 76 LPM and its pressure rating is 50 PSI.

It has an Aluminum housing and its display is mechanical, Batch: 4, Total: 6 Digits. To use with diesel fuel (biodiesel blends B20), Gasoline (alcohol blends E15), and Kerosene. Do not use with water or chemicals.

The meter has been accurately set at the factory for use with diesel fuel. Due to differences in viscosities and flowrates, calibration adjustment may need to occur if there are other fuels.


  • Upon receipt of your meter, examine it to make sure there are no visible signs of damage. If damage is evident, please contact your GPI distributor.
  • If the meter position is in a rigid piping system where the fluid is caught (for example, by gravity, valves or nozzles) thermal expansion of the fluid can create pressure spikes that can damage a meter.
  • Install a thermal relief valve or otherwise allow for thermal expansion of the fluid.
  • Remove protective plugs from meter inlet and outlet ports.
  • Wrap thread male connections with thread tape or use a pipe sealant compound compatible with petroleum fuels.
  • Install the meter on the pump. The meter’s outlet port designation is a flow arrow.
  • Install other system components on the meter and tighten snugly.
To accommodate various filter positions, the counter assembly of the FM-100 Series meter rotate as follows:
  • Pull to remove the reset knob on the side of the meter
  • Follow safety precautions, wiping any spilled fuel from the exterior of the meter and other system components


Any components such as hose, nozzle, or pump in addition to your meter must have a static ground and approval for use with petroleum fuels.

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Some Optional Mechanical Fuel Meter parts may have sharp edges, so take CARE when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units, because safety always comes first!


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